Friday, December 31, 2010

Plaster Casts of Animal Tracks

We put the goat right to work on the farm.

The younger boy had a chance to attend a Boy Scout Merit badge workshop for some of the old badges that BSA brought back for the 100th Anniversary... and he needed some plaster casts of animal tracks for the "Tracking" merit badge.

The goat wanted to help with the old corn.

We found a few good tracks to cast, but wanted to try for a few better ones.

So, we mixed up some mud, and led the goat through the soft stuff and got some great tracks.

Good job, Chewy!

It was cold outside, but the plaster mixed up quickly and started setting up immediately.

We used some old cardboard to wrap around the track, but didn't need it.

After an hour, the tracks setup well, and turned out great!

We got deer, crow, dog, coyote, and goat.