Friday, November 26, 2010

Enough of Hawaii... Back to the Pacific NW!

Back home, just in time for the left-over snow!


Oh well, Thanksgiving with snow just feels right - nothing makes it feel like the holidays like snow on the ground.

Or is that shaving cream on the ground? Time for our annual shaving cream fight! 12th Annual, that is... and these guys are ready!

She is smiling, even with a big glop in the face... that tells you something about how fun this event is!

One of our favorites in the year.

The little ones love it too... especially the whip cream we use at the beginning.

They quickly learn to sniff the glop before putting it in their mouth...

This is one of those fights that you have to take it as you dish it out.

After the fight is winding down, it is fun to cover yourself, too!

Especially stying your hair for pictures...

The dog has a good time with it too, and smells her best of the year.

The neighbor did get concerned and brought her back to our place when she left before we got her cleaned up!

Another great year kicking off a day of Thanksgiving for all we have and enjoy.