Wednesday, November 24, 2010

An Island Hike

Well, all the rain and darkness drove us to head out to Hawaii- Oahu for some Vitamin D.

It was a great week, full of snorkelling, kayaking, surfing, and hiking.

Shark's Cove was a favorite snorkel spot...

The North Shore beaches were deserted, and the weather was beautiful.

And while exploring more of the North Shore, we found a trail heading up into the hills.

Naturally, we followed it...

The trail quickly got steep, but wasn't too bad to hike - even in flip-flops.
Fantastic views... all the way back to Waimaea.

Finally, when we hit the top, we realized what the trail was for - the repelling cliffs for the YMCA Camp below.

There were some great caves farther up and over, but we didn't have the motivation to get all the way over there.
It was, after all, vacation...

We did make it over to an overlook - there is sure to be a great waterfall off this rim during heavy rains.

After a long hike, we hit another favorite burger shop for a pineapple burger and grilled Ahi.
Hiking in paradise.
How does this tie into the Pacific NorthWest? Well, most of the pictures are of the Pacific, right?