Friday, November 26, 2010

Surfing Lessons on the North Shore

Our family we stayed with are big surfers... which is good seeing how they live on the North Shore.

The little ones liked to practice and were pretty good at it, so we gave it a shot, too.

First was a quick, 30 second lesson on the beach.

"Paddle like this, alot" was lesson #1.

Lesson #2: "Hop up on your board like this when a wave comes".

Ok, got it?

Lesson #3: "lets get wet".

The hardest part of surfing is the paddling. Oh, and picking the right wave.

After that, if you get a good beach with an easy breaking surf, you can get the hang of it pretty quick.

After standing up for a few of the waves, the last step is talking to everyone like a "Brah".
Surf-r-die, dude.