Monday, November 1, 2010

Bustin' Up Punkin's

We had a bumper crop of pumpkins in this year's garden... at least those grew well!

The kids have been itchin', and it was finally time to cut up the big orange melons.

We got 4 huge ones off the big vine... big enough to swallow a girl, whole.

Lots of friends have been asking for seeds off the big melon, so we saved a bunch and air-dried them for handing out.

Seeds are like software - do you actually own the seeds so you can sell them or share them, or do you license the seeds and need to pay royalties for their offspring?

Hopefully the lawyers stay out of the garden for a few more years...

We had a great time jammin' to Journey and cutting up our squash.

They look pretty scary, don't they!

If they look scary in the dark...

... they look even scarier in the light!

Fun times. Good job, kids - now quit playing with your food.