Monday, October 25, 2010

Chasing Sturgeon Some More

Maybe its the great weather, or maybe it is the impending dark, rainy gloom. Whatever it is, we've been out fishing for sturgeon pretty hard the last couple of weeks.

Fishing, but not catching.

Still, it is great to be on the river.

It seems that the river traffic has also slowed down on the Big C... not as many big cargo ships.

The little girls got to get out on the boat, and were pretty excited - even if the nice weather has slipped away.

Even with the overcast clouds, the trees are still pretty and give the river a new, colorful look.

Not every bend in the rod is a big fish...

... this was a big snag. Not very common, but when you catch one, it is usually BIG!

OOps! Too Big!

There are still some silvers being caught at the mouth of the Lewis River...

These little girls are training right! Not only do they enthusiastically get their own bait, but they are willing to test that bait!

Must be the Norwegian blood in them!

Another favorite on the boat during the colder, wet weather is the JetBoil. This small burner heats up alot of water FAST.

A hot snack or lunch is a big hit.

Be sure to check your "cup-o-noodles before digging in, though!

Some of these have been in the boat a while...

The hot cocoa is another favorite.

Saturday the blue sky re-appeared a few times, too!
Unfortunately, none of the keeper fish did.

We caught 2 shakers - the little girls were able to catch their first sturgeon!
Look at that effort! You'd think it was an oversized fish!

This little girl had the right idea - keep the pole in the rod holder, and let the boat do all the work.


Success times 2!
The slow fishing was offset by the flat river and fun times.
The poor bite was likely caused by the Barometric pressure drop - from 1010 mBars to 980 during the day...
... that had to be the cause, right?