Monday, October 25, 2010

Enjoying the Fall

The last couple of weeks have been fun. While the weather was nice, we've been out getting the last of the garden and yard ready for the long, dark to come.

Alot of the birch trees around are shedding this time of year, and the bark is a fun new medium - we took some large sheets and wrote old Norse poems (about birch trees, of course) in Norse Rune. A coating of varnish flattened them out nicely.

Most of the garden is done, too.

We picked the last of the late corn - it was really great getting fresh corn-on-the-cob in late October! We ended up with more than 200 ears this year... much more than we expected.

We fired up the tiller and plowed under much of the old plants.

We also rounded up most of the leaves that have fallen, and lit 'em up!

The smell of leaves - especially burning leaves, really makes it feel like fall.

The grapes have all turned yellow, and dropped most of their leaves, too.

We put a sturdy lean-too on the garden house to house the mower and tiller out of the rain...

It is much more convenient than using the ramps.

Plus, it has given us much more room in the Garden House now.

The grapes are a great seasonal indicator. Very vibrant colors, and welcoming greens in the spring.

Soon, they will be empty twigs.

The girls had a great day playing in the leaves on the tramp.

Leaf fights are much more fun when the leaves are dry and free of worms or slugs!

At least for the girls, anyway - the boys are waiting for some good rain to make the leaf fights more... gooey!

Some really big, unusual mushrooms are pushing up all over, too!

We've had a beautiful October this year - almost makes up for the nasty Junuary we had.