Monday, October 11, 2010

Another Astoria Trip

This was a fantastic weekend - fishing, a great time at the Portland Temple, good food.

A trip with the girls out to Astoria on Sunday was 'icing on the cake.'

After church, they wanted to get back up the Astoria Column. The weather was just starting to break and get sunny, too!

So... up the tower we went.

Today we could see the ocean, and its great, foaming breakers at the mouth of the Columbia.

The column doesn't look so tall from the ground...

These girls did great sitting quietly in church... but in the car with Dad, they got pretty rowdy.

Traffic into and again out of Astoria was tough - a big giant crane rolled over.

There were 3 other cranes on-hand getting ready to pull their buddy out.

That was a big crane!

We stopped at Gnat Creek Hatchery again to say 'hi' to the fishes... but the troughs were so mirky we couldn't see anything.

So... we fed the sturgeon we did catch a glimpse of, and decided to hike the trail up to the falls.

It was a beautiful hike in the warm sun up to the barrier falls above the hatchery.

The girls enjoyed racing the trail and stretching those legs.

Even these small adventures make for a great day, living in paradise.