Monday, October 25, 2010

The Trap is Getting Busy Again

The cooler change in the weather has really sturred up the animals again.

We've started catching critters at the chicken coop. This opposum was lucky - no one wanted to skin it for a pelt, so we let it go.

Cool weather has this fellow thinking its time for ducks...

... never mind the cold water...

Teenage boys don't mind helping with the trap, which is especially nice when it is full of an "undesirable".

Unfortunately, there isn't a good way to get rid of a skunk in the trap.
The dog tree'd a family of racoons - the momma was so big we thought it was a lion at first!
The deer have been in the yard alot more, too - even a few small bucks. The deer are gearing up for the rut, and have the boys watching the apple tree and garden close!