Monday, September 20, 2010

Video Camera Testing - in the Ocean

We tried using a "waterproofed" mini spy-camera while tuna fishing... and our waterproofing failed miserably!

The best waterproofing we found was heavy-duty packing tape.

We deployed the camera down the line while fighting a fish...

... and when it came up, it was full of water!


It did get some video before dying, so we will try to recover the data and post it if possible.

It was very impressive how fast the salt water corroded the circuitry inside - the solder joints and exposed copper were in BAD shape!

The thin copper wiring to the battery completely disintegrated.

We also used a camera attached to a hat to capture all the action. It worked really well - even in the rain.

However, the video was too close up in the close quarters of the boat, and every time we turned our heads, the video jumped around to different areas we were looking. Very disorienting and confusing to watch!

Oh well - they will probably work very well hunting, so we'll give them a try then.

The cameras did work well in providing good shots while filming - the entire video wasn't so good to watch, but grabbing still images off the video was cool.

We'll figure something out...