Tuesday, September 7, 2010

FishCamp 2010 - The Year of the Big Ones!

This year's FishCamp was fantastic - a week of fun, fishing, and enjoying the BEST of the Pacific NorthWest.

We camped for a week on a deserted island in the Columbia River and fished for fall Chinook Salmon.

Camp was very comfortable, and even had some shade!

Many of the evenings were spent enjoying cool breezes, fishing for squawfish, or beach combing.

Fortunately, we took the week before school started so the kids were able to spend more time out in the boat and in camp.

We did get some bad weather - on Tuesday a bad storm blew in and really had us bouncing on anchor.

At least we didn't bounce off other boats - that happened out there, too.

Our dog was cold and wet - and we covered her with the fish-towel to keep warm and so we wouldn't smell 'wet dog'!

Even with the bad weather, the fishing turned out pretty good - we boated a HUGE 44lbs salmon, and lost another big one.

More about the big "44 Mag" fish in another post...

The wind is always a factor - usually kicking up waves and white-caps in the afternoon... but when it blows downstream from the south, it brings BAD weather.

After fighting the weather all day, we pulled the boat and went home for a hot shower, hot meal, and warm bed!

Oh, and the boy got to show off his monster fish!

After the big storm, camp was a mess - more than 4" of water in the tent, and 2" on the cot with all the sleeping bags!

No problem, though - we can do the "Gypsy Camp" thing, and with the hot sun, everything was dried out the next day by dinner time.

Squawfishing was not as good as last year. The kids made some money, but not the big $ they hoped to.

They didn't fish as hard as last year either, though, and had no regrets. Too much fun climbing cliffs, swimming, etc.

Oh yea, there were salmon caught, too!

We didn't get as many fish as last year, but we did get alot of BIG fish. Here is a nice 26 lbs salmon the younger boy caught - a new best for him!

Best part about this fish is that big brother hooked it and handed off the rod. What a great bro!

This little girl also got her first salmon! Another one that her older brother hooked and handed off... and she fought it like a pro.

These kids get hooked quickly - Dad hardly got to fight a fish all week!

Oh well - life is best with the kids busy, and Dad will get his day someday!

Another highlight and first this year was the little crew-in-training got to come out and camp!

Mom got ahead of the canning, and with school a week away, the monsters got to come out on the boat.

They've been excited for weeks. Here we go!

On the island, if you get the urge to swim at night... you can go swim at night!

The water sure was warm in the sun... but in the dark?

Camping was great, too. The kids were so tired out they didn't baulk at going to bed. Just put on plenty of blankets!

The next morning the little ones even got to sit in the boat fishing like the older kids do... and enjoy Pop-Tarts!
What a great day! This girl is good luck - less than 5 minutes in the boat and the fishing rod goes down... Fish On!

Beach combing was successful - another good string of "experienced" corkies in the chain!

Sunsets at night with dinner were beautiful.
Another great year of camping and fishing fun. Another great close to a fantastic summer.
Now its off to work and school... and new adventures! Stay tuned.