Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The "44 Magnum" of Fishing

We got a big one in the boat! This huge fish is definitely the biggest any of us has seen "in the slime".

This boy promised that the next fish was Dad's... and when Dad's rod bent over and reel started peeling off line, the boy didn't hesitate - he grabbed it and held on tight!

Neither of us realized how big this dude was until it was in the boat. We got it to the boat 2 times easily, so we didn't bother to even drop off our anchor to chase it.

The third time we got it up, Dad netted it and then the fish came alive! It took both of us to boat it! Wow!

Not much of a battle, until it was time to hold it up for a picture!

Definitely a "fish of a lifetime"... and at age 13, this boy was smiling big.

We took it home to show everyone - because pictures definitely don't do it justice.

We asked him if a smaller salmon would ever have the same thrill... "a 22 pistol is still fun after a 44 Magnum, Dad" was the reply.

Lets get back out there!