Monday, September 27, 2010

Garden Update - Pulling Out the Grub

Ok, maybe "grub" isn't the right term to use in the land of slugs...

But this weekend was beautiful out. All the sunflowers are in full bloom.

The first of the fall colors are out, too.

We picked our first sweet corn out of the garden, too! For a while, we weren't sure it was going to come out at all.

We finally picked the biggest pumkin, too. This fat boy weighs over 76 lbs... and the kids can't wait to give him a face!

Alot of big, purple potatoes came out of the ground, too.

This was the first year the potatoes did well for us. They turned out great - very good eatin'.

The girls got busy decorating the place for Fall, too. Alot of gords and little 'sweet' pumpkins are scattered all over the place now.

The hot weather and long light of Fall made for a great weekend. It sure is fun to gather in the food.