Monday, September 13, 2010

A Quick Netarts Weekend Visit

We had a weekend to visit family out in Tillamook, and spent the day in Netarts.

It was gorgeous!

The bay was flat and calm, with sunshine, no less.

The seals were taking it easy in the sun, too.

Alot of seals - probably on the beach because the bay was FULL of crab pots. No where to swim!

The crabbers were thick on the beach, too.

A few good fish caught, but not alot.

Crabbing is just fun, if you get some or not. If you get some, it is fantastic!

Alot of pelicans out, too.

For such an ugly bird, they are incredibly graceful and powerful, too.

Walking the beach, we found some agates.

Agates are a great part of Oregon beaches - fun to find, and easy to discard when your pockets are full. That way they are ready to be found again!

We found a few small ones as the surf came in.

Once you start looking and finding, it is hard to pull your eyes up to quit looking!

On the way back along Hwy-6, we stopped at the footbridge to enjoy the cool evening.

Next time we'll have to take some of the hike. It looked like a great hike.

We hiked enough to find some big rocks, though...

Which brings us to another important rule in the Pacific NorthWest -

rule #17: "Rocks and bridges to together. Never enjoy a bridge without a rock (or two) to test the waters."