Monday, September 13, 2010

The garden has started kicking out alot more than just green beans... it is a great time for eating!

The tomatoes are loaded, and starting to redden.

Too much squash, though!

One of our newly planted peach trees has produced a peach!

Our nectarine tree also carried its lone fruit to the end - they turned out FANTASTIC!

Now, if only alittle more volume...

All of the strawberries chipped in one last, late harvest. The sweetest of the year!

The kids never noticed all the berries, which is probably why we got so many and why they are sweet!

Amongst all the fresh fruit and food, we had a starter on the old farm truck to replace.

Finally, after pulling it out the 3rd time, it is fixed. The first two times the starter tested "GOOD!"

Stinkin' piece of junk...

This was cool - our Purple Potatoe plants are putting out big spuds... and dropping seed pods!

Seed pods are what got Luther Burbank started in his wild botany work that resulted in most of our fruit and vegetable varieties we enjoy today!

Hmmm.... what freakish creations can we cross-breed in our garden??? Stay tuned!

The Big Punkin' is well over 100lbs... keep goin', buddy!

Mom has gotten ALOT of canning done these last few weeks - beans are done, and 120 quarts (11 boxes!) of peaches are DONE!

Now we are on to the 6 boxes of pears!

The kids have been a great help - canning is really a fun time for the family visiting and watching movies while we work on the fish and fruit.

With everyone pitching in, it goes quickly, too.

This is the time of year to raise PIGS - with all the canning waste, they would be in heaven!

The "feathered pigs" really enjoy all of the peelings, too. Who would have thought chickens would fight over pear skins?

Many of the grapes are swelling and sweet.

The long sunlight of September gets us thinking of fresh grape pie... and this year we'll be getting some local honey to make grape jelly with...

This is a great time of year with all the gathering in - fish, fruit, and garden grub. Hope you are enjoying it, too!