Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Fast Fire Today in Hillsboro, OR

Out walking today at lunch I spotted a whiff of dark smoke.

Black smoke is never good - especially in town.

I was already headed this way, so thought I'd check it out.

The smoke got darker and thicker quickly.

Here you can see the smoke turned a much lighter color - the fire department had arrived, and was dosing the fire.

There were visible flames in the back of the place.

About this time several of the firefighters appeared up on the roof, cutting access holes.

A number of fighters were also inside the building, blasting water upward and out of the roof.

The firefighters moved pretty quickly and confidently on the roof - after watching all the flame and smoke billowing out, I would have been more hesitant...

Most of the emergency vehicles seemed to be on access control...

Quite a few of the neighborhood turned out to watch.

Alot of watchers, too.
Someone had a bad day. Very impressive how quickly the home lit up, and how quickly it was all over.