Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Summertime in Full Swing

Phew - too many projects and too much work!

Summer seems to finally be here in the Pacific NorthWest, so we got out and played in it!

The beaches are hot, and the water is starting to warm up.

Nights are still COLD, but it helps keep all the bad mosquitoes away.

Besides, the kids have a warm dog to keep them company while sleeping on the trampoline.

The blackberries and Tayberries are loaded, and starting to ripen!

The berries really are doing well with the new wire and posts.

The baby swallows have grown and left already!

It was literally overnight - one day they were there cheeping and peeking out... the next day nothing.

Alot of them flying around and eating bugs, though.

Our potatoes in the garden are doing especially well.

We've started piling grass and stuff around the base of the plants.

It is a good time of year. Still not as much sun as we'd hoped for, but it gets warm and any sun is good.