Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Beating the Heat at the Beach

Wow - what hot weather we've had for a few days.

Blazing hot, and then it will get cloudy and COLD for a day!

Oh well - at least the river is close. Summertime!

The beaches have been great. Water is still high and cold, but who cares!

We took the boat out on the weekend, and visited Sand Island in St Helens, OR.

A few folks were camping, and fishing too.

It is a great island with alot of camping and trees for shade.

The best way to get into the cold water is FAST!

Enough time in the hot sun dulls the pain of admission...

... and as fast as they dove into the water, they raced out even FASTER!

After a few entries, the bodies acclimated just fine.

It was a great day for exploring and swimming.

No luck finding rusty nails with bare feet, but that is a good thing!

This was unusual...

Must not be alot of shipping lately.

After sand castles, hot sand, and cold swimming, we hit the tubes!

The wind wasn't too bad, and the chop in the afternoon died down enough to make it really fun.

The wind is always a big factor in the afternoons on the Columbia River - but there are pockets where the white-caps aren't bad.

Besides, tubing is about bouncing, right?

Even the youngest got in on the fun.

And it was fun. Its important to keep these runs short, so no one gets too tired of the fun!

Another great day in sunny paradise. When it is nice here in the Pacific NorthWest, you can't beat it anywhere!