Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Building A Great Wall

After camping this week it was time for some serious work to get done this weekend. Yeah, not as fun, but we got so many projects done, we have the rest of the summer to play!

We've been wanting to redo a retaining wall here since we moved in.

First step, tear out the old RR ties.

The crew made short work of the ties, and started prep for the new wall.

Sure - he's smiling now... wait until the 100lbs blocks show up!

Here they are - the big blocks!

We had the pallettes put as close as possible.

Here's a fun distraction - before the heavy lifting, the Septic Pumper showed up!

We got glowing reviews about how good our septic looked and was functioning. We are all so proud.

Good job, kids!

Anyway... back at the wall, the oldest boys were having fun using the Suburban like a backhoe.

Some of the hedge was in the way.

All the kids were a big help on this project.

The dog, she wasn't ANY help.

The first layer of brick took the longest, of course, to set. When it was set, the next few layers went quickly.

We needed two half-pieces, so we tried busting a brick by hand.

After chiselling lines on both sides with fancy tools, we were ready for the sledge hammer...

Oh well - not a real clean break, but better than the one the Sand & Gravel place provided!

The halves cleaned up pretty good.

With as much use and 'playing' this wall will get from the crazy horde of kids, we used adhesive on the layers to glue them in place.

This stuff is strong!

Finally, the little girls helped seal the seam with sand.

"She seals, sand seals, along the wall's seam" 3 times fasts!

And some more adhesive!

After backfilling the dirt and gravel to the back of the blocks, the wall was very strong and stable.

It seemed to say to the kids... "bring it on!"

The finished wall turned out great!

The lines are straight enough, and it really makes the driveway clean and nice.

Here's a shot with the planter at the end.

This posting isn't as much fun, but it is sure satisfying to see this project done after wanting it for so long.

Now... on to the next!