Monday, July 5, 2010

The Garden is FINALLY Growing

It is amazing what a few days of sun will do for the garden. Fortunately, we've had a few. Just a few...

The 3rd attempt at corn has come up! They are about 2" high. Usually on July 4th the corn is knee high.

This stuff is only knee-high to a grasshopper...

All of the potatoes are up tall now, too.
If we can't have corn, at least there will be potatoe soup.

The cherries are ripe on the tree.
The raspberries and Tayberries are picking well, too. We planted the raspberries in March and April, and they are already producing well.
The cherries are great this year.

And the kids love picking them up high.
Not many of them make it into the bucket, though... just a rain of pits falling down on our heads!
Stinkin' kids...

Two new batchs of baby swallows are eager to be fed. Good thing - alot of mosquitoes are out!
The fish in the rain barrels are eating alot of the larvae, but the mosquitoes are growing fast from all the rain this spring.
Come on, little birds... start eating!

It is good to have corn to weed and till.
Hopefully we have corn to EAT this fall as well!