Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Green is Growing

The baby swallows are growing fast!

They are noisy and much bolder. They are also much more aggressive in their feeding - meeting mom and dad at the door!

They let us get close as the parents frantically bring food to them every 15-20 seconds. See her in the top left corner?

Hopefully the other 5 chicks are getting food when these two fat ones are full!

If we get too close, they duck down and don't appear for 30 seconds or so.

They still keep churping, though - "bring more food, ma!"

The grapes and the garden have exploded with all the sunshine these last 2 weeks. The vines are visibly growing 4-5 inches each day!

The wooden trellis is straining under the load again.

The grapes themselves have also been putting on weight, daily. Two days ago, the grapes were simple dots.

The corn is growing visibly too.

Each day they get bigger. Hurray!

Sunshine is good!