Tuesday, July 20, 2010

More Truck Repairs

The old farm truck / boat puller has been running rougher lately.

We decided to replace the spark plugs and wires... and the teenage boys were eager to help.

It is funny how a young man gets interested in helping work on the cars when starts driving...

We also replaced a burned-out turn signal.

The rubber bumper in the spark plug socket stuck on the plugs, so we sprayed some cooking oil into the socket to help lub and ease the removal better.

Worked pretty good... until the oil got in between the socket and rubber - then we couldn't keep it inside the socket at all!

Having a little trouble getting the old wires disconnected from the old plugs.

Keep at it boys... I'm going to get a cold drink...

Finally got the old clips off the old plugs!

Grrr... working on cars always skins our knuckles...

The work went pretty smooth, and it was fun having help.

Unfortunately, we didn't fix all of the truck's problems, so we'll try something else, soon.