Friday, October 14, 2011

Wildlife Management

Fall brings a wandering spirit to domestic and wild animals.

Our neighborhood geese are invading! Seems the "great wall of forms" isn't keeping them in.

The sherriff doesn't want to get involved, and we don't want to shoot them as he suggested, so we've come up with other options.

Remember these? We picked up a bunch of these alarms at the Dollar Store.

They are freakin' loud!

You can see our quick camo painting for use during paintball.

Now they are deployed for goose and deer monitoring.

The geese like to get into the shop, so this will deter them and tell the kids to chase them off.

The deer are in after the sweet grapes, too.

This little buck is just a bit too little - if only he was branched, we would take the sherriff's advice and put him in the freezer.