Monday, October 24, 2011

Apple Squeezin's

We've waited patiently for the weather and schedule to line up just right for making apple cider.

It all lined up so we quickly got setup.

Conveniently located near the freshest source of apples, we got to it.

The grinder was seriously underpowered, but worked ok.

Grinding the pulp started the juices flowing.

Funny thing is that all the kids were eager to help, and stuck with it.

It was a beautiful fall day, with the grape leaves starting to fade into yellow.

We found about 10# of grapes that hadn't been eaten by the birds.

All the rest of the berries were stripped clean.

We added the grapes to one gallon of cider - it turned out great!

We've been saving containers for a while

The leaves and blue spots in the sky were another highlight.

The younger kids got into the festive celebration with their own party.

Every meal this weekend was accompanied with fresh cider.

We even had some dry ice left over from a church party during the week that gave a nice fizz to the drink.

Getting ready for Halloween - even the Salmon Fillets look spooky!

Lots of sugar in the day makes the meals more lively.