Saturday, October 15, 2011

Grape Overload

The last grapes on the vine are extremely sweet now.

And LOADED with hornets and fruit flies.

This guy was a late riser - it is still cold out and he is nestled in tight.

Picking the berries is only safe in the cool mornings - and watch out for the hornets sleeping in the clumps.

Here is fresh grapes with the seeds removed and tapioca added.

Some lemon juice and sugar are all that is added.

The skins were removed and blended.

The most important part of a pie is the crust.

The most important part of a crust is that everything is COLD when mixed together!

Here the filling has the blended skins added.

Lots of great tricks in building a pie.

The tinfoil around the edges keeps the edge from burning while baking.

A little cream cheese and its ready to eat.