Thursday, October 13, 2011

Water Drip Line

After just a couple of days of drizzle, our water troughs are all filled up!

With so much easy water, our next step is to connect our drip-line that feeds all the blueberries and fruit trees into our trough.

We got a replacement trough plug, and now will attach a fitting for our valve and drip-line.

The goal: setup our water catch system and dripline all of our fruit during the summer with a low-cost, completely hands-free system.

A simple drill tap to fit a 'replacement' hose fitting into the new trough plug.

A little extra heat from the heat gun and some ABS glue, and the fitting is a tight, waterproof success!

We also added some gorilla glue for strength.

Next step is to attach it all up! No rush though - everything is getting plenty of water right now!