Sunday, October 23, 2011

Project Cars

The younger boys have been having fun with some remote control cars they got.

As with every toy, after a while they started wondering things like "how do we make it go faster?"

One idea we tried was to mix-n-match oversized wheels.

Their other idea was to add a bigger power supply. "If four "AA" batteries at 6 Volts were normal power, why don't we add a single
9 Volt battery and get more power!"

It was a good chance to start teaching them basic electrical principles. Soon, their eyes glazed over and they went back to making oversize tires work.

We brought back another project car over the weekend, too.

This one had to be towed.

We stuck a new 12 Volt battery in it, and started cranking on it. It has been sitting under a tree for 5 years, so we figured we'd have lots of work to do...

But, after alittle work on the throttle cable and carburetor, it fired up! Alittle more coaxing and we kept it running, too!

Happy Day!

The throttle cable needs more work, and alot of work or rebuild of the carb, too.

But, it runs quite well and the boys like just sitting in it.

We drove it around a bit, but didn't stray far from home - that would have jinxed it.

The oversize tires on the RC car worked, but the little motor in it was not powerful enough to see the big performance boost.

Maybe if we put bigger tires on the Camaro...