Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Summertime 2011

Summertime came and went too fast for the blog to keep up with.

Here's a few of our highlights!

We did alot of kayaking around Scappoose Bay this year - great fun exploring and beachcombing in the swamp... especially in the early high water.

We went plunking for steelhead on the Columbia at an infamous boat launch alot, too.

The bite was pretty good, and we caught a turtle, too!

Not as picturesque a place to fish... but effective!

We spent a day watching family bungee jump.

Very fun - especially since we were only watching.

It was an impressive bridge in Amboy, WA.

Some impressive jumps from a 40 year old birthday boy, too.

Of course there was alot of swimming this summer...

And some crazy tubing!

Hang on, dude!

I said "Hang on!"

When the sun came out, the Pacific NorthWest was gorgeous.

Scappoose Bay has a great variety of terrain to explore, with lots of wildlife and space.

We never saw other kayakers in the areas we chose. The seclusion was very nice.

We spent a day in Seaside, OR inside studying (and Passing!) our HAM radio license testing.

When the test was done, we hit the beach for a cool, relaxing wind-down.

More swimming! (and sand-bathing...)

We definitely got our money's worth out of this summer.