Monday, September 12, 2011

Drain Water Storage

In prep for putting up a retaining wall back by the boat house, we wanted to do something to collect (and use) all the rainwater.

So, using 2" PVC (soon to be replaced by ABS) we made a simple fitting to capture the rain off the roof, and pipe it underground into a fish trough.

A simple reducer moves the rainwater into a 1/2" poly pipe we buried to keep it out-of-sight.

Remember our potatoe-digging crew? Yep, he's also an A-1 irrigation pipe digger.

The poly pipe travels a few feet back to empty into the trough.

Works nice and easy.

A few weeks ago we buried drip-lines to the berries and trees, and we will soon tap into the trough with some valves to feed those lines off the trough.

The goal is simple - automate the collection and distribution of rainwater as easy and sightly as possible.