Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Fall Chinook 2011: Salmon Smack

Fall fishing this year turned out great. We only fished 5 days this year, but they were fun and action-packed.

Though you can't tell by the sleeping crew...

Pikeminnow fishing also turned out good, though very few of the fish were long enough to be "money fish".

Oh well, there were lots of them and it kept the kids busy at slack tide.

Beach combing was good, though alot more folks camping on the island this year cut back on the good haul.

Nice candle...

The boys had kayaks this year to play with, and put them to good use.

Then of course there was the fishing - it was great!

We limited out almost every day, with nice sized fish.

Every one of our fish had heavy gill net scars...

As usual there were alot of close calls with folks messing up anchoring, pulling their anchors into others, etc.

Not as many boaters this year playing chicken with the big boats... like this dude.

That is WAY too close to stay on anchor! All for a spot... not even a fish!

The usual lures didn't work as well as expected, but we quickly found some that did.

Blues were much better for us this year than in the past.

This one in particular really earned its keep!

Boys don't mind lifting heavy objects alot when they are fish!

Many of our fish were at or near 30 lbs.

The kids caught so many, even Dad got to reel a few in!

It was very fun with the boys running the boat and netting fish more this year.

The crew is really getting the hang of things.

Weather was beautiful for the week we camped. Calm winds and clear skys in the night and AM were new this year, too.

Usually it is cloudy and cold until the sun comes out at noon.

Mosquitoes were a bit more of a problem, and of course hornets.

The hot summer sun felt good - recharging the vitamin D to get ready for back-to-school.

This last picture shows the fire smoke from the central Oregon fires, pulled up into the Columbia River Gorge.

A nice, calm evening to close the year's fall fishing.