Wednesday, September 7, 2011

2011 Tuna Fishing

This year was a funny year for tuna fishing... at least for us.

We went out on a first trip, and found good water but worked really hard to get fish to bite.

Very few jumpers, but we'd pick up one here and there on the troll.

It did get crazy one time - all of a sudden, 2 of our six rods doubled over - its a double! Then a third rod went down, and a fourth! Hurray!

There were 4 of us in the boat, and then a 5th rod went off. Oh no! I mean, Oh yeah! We tried really hard to get to the 5th fish, but it came off before we could tend to the other 4. We all got our fish, though.

That first trip the water was nice and flat. Beautiful for fishing and casting.

Any trip is good when you take home fish... especially with many of them over 30 lbs!

Our second trip was very different. Beautiful skies, but ROUGH waters!

One of the crew was out the window in the ocean spray way too much.

We ended that trip too soon - just as we were getting into good water. Very expensive $ roller coaster ride.

The local fish monger is also having trouble getting good fish - in fact he said he quit selling tuna because the boats were charging him $3.50/lbs!

Where are the big schools, and how to get them to bite! Oh well, we'll keep trying!