Thursday, June 9, 2011

Rescue Tape Test (FAIL)

I know, it happens all the time. Kids playing with swords, end up cutting Mom's garden hose...

Usually "the tape" can fix it. Not in this case.

Mom really needed the hose, so the boy got to "hold the tape" so that alittle water made it out to Mom.

The hose was almost cut completely.

Looks like a great test for Rescue Tape!

A single layer of duct tape was then wrapped with 3 layers of Rescue T.

Looks good, but not sure about adhesion to the hose.

Well, it failed. Most of the 'fix' held, improving the water yield at the other end by about 80%, but not a real 'fix'.

Oh well...

Fortunately the cut was only about 3 feet from the end, so we simply put on a new fitting and are done.

We're going to make the boy keep holding the old piece of hose for a day to learn to be more careful ;-)