Monday, June 20, 2011

Another Stump Rodeo

Stumps are great to keep kids busy. Cutting them down, hauling the branches, chipping, splitting and stacking firewood, etc.

The boys like a hard challenge, and pulling a stump is a challenge.

This area was too soft to get the backhoe in, so we put the mule to work on it.

The younger boy got to saddle up the backhoe to pull his stump.

After 2 years down, the stump still put up a good fight.

There was 'real' work for him to do getting the last of the roots out, too.

With this stump out of the way, we can expand the garden again next year.

The mylar tape is doing a great job keeping out the birds this year.

This ones just about out.

After the stump is out and on the burn pile, cleanup went quick.

Sure looks better. Now, to get the other tree, stump, and old pole out of there.

Job security!