Monday, June 20, 2011

2011 Garden

This year's garden is up and running. We are pleased with how well the beans, potatoes, and even the corn are doing with this cooler weather we've had so far ths spring.

We just got the tire on the backhoe fixed, and so its time for the old stump to come out.

The real benefit of the garden is the work it provides and the excitement it gives to the kids.

Yeah, it is alot of work, but work is good. The kids are seeing this, and enjoying it.

This year's experiment is with our son - he is measuring how quickly his garden plot comes up compared with our family garden. The difference? He planted his in the old chicken coop we aren't using now. The difference is visible - his plants are up sooner and growing noticably faster. Chicken coop "soil" is sweeter!

The devourers have noticed the garden, too. Here are two little bucks snooping under the fruit trees.

The neighbor's horse chased these dudes off fast... right into our pasture.

Our dog chased them off FASTER! Good dog!

The dog didn't chase them off until one of the boys got a good, hard look at those antlers.

The boys are building arrows, buying arrows, and throwing arrows to get ready for this fall's hunt.

It is a great time of year with all the green and growth in a new garden. Just need more sun!