Monday, June 20, 2011

A New Hike - Silver Falls SP

The boys all had a prep hike to get ready for this summer's 50-mile hike. They went to hike 8 miles of logging roads.

The girls had a certification hike for church camp, and planned to go to Silver Falls State Park. It was a beautiful hike.

The park is manicured - easy trails and trimmed edges! Very disappointing how 'managed' Oregon has made its scenic places. I guess there is a price to pay ($5 per day!) to use public lands that employ state pensioners.

The many waterfalls were beautiful - the trail was very similar to Eagle Creek along I-82 near Multnomah Falls.

The trail passed behind and under many of the falls. Don't worry - we were well protected with fences, walls, and handrails to save us from ourselves.

The weather for the hike was rain. It was very pleasant and not too cold, though.

And of course it was green.

Another falls...

North falls was the favorite - very impressive.

The cavern behind it was also impressive.

A great hike with alot of great people.