Monday, June 6, 2011

Finally - A Salmon from the River!

Wow - has it been so long since the sun has been out?

A couple of hot days this week, and out comes the hose for waterfights!

This lady is definitely 'pro' - look at her blast him in the face while completely dodging a full bucket-load of water!

A long piece of heavy plastic is all that is needed for the water slide.

Sleeping on the tramp is another favorite - hurray for summer!

We loaded up the plunking rods to hit the Columbia.

The water on the river is WAY too high for care-free boating... and with all the trees floating down, we decided to fish from the bank for steelhead and salmon.

Most of the action has been from the bank in shallow water anyway (so we hear...).

The sky is blue, and the scotch-broom is in full bloom.

Beautiful day.

We found a 'mutant' bush, too. Very purdy.

We had the best 'action' using tuna balls. The oily meat seems to work great - especially in the shallow, murky waters.

Mom brought the little girls out later and we had a great picnic.

The boys tossed the football most of the day, which left Dad watching the fishing poles.

We had 3 good take-downs. The first two didn't stick very long. We used smaller hooks, and the third take stuck!

Its just a little one, but we were excited to put it on the bank! The first two bites were probably small ones, too, we think.

Great day. When it is nice here in the Pacific NorthWest, you can't beat it anywhere.

Problem is, we've only had 4 nice days so far this year...