Monday, February 15, 2010

Work Makes the Day Feel Good

We like to save wood-cutting for this time of year. The cold and wet are perfect for getting out and sweating.

Good physical work is good for the spirit, too - really makes you feel like the day was productive and useful.

Much better than sitting indoors and watching movies...

We took out 4 more trees in the front of the house. These pines are tough - heavy wood, alot of branches, and big root-wads.

The kids were really grumbly about whomever planted all these trees...

With the trees down, limbed, and piled, we started pulling stumps.

The front is too muddy and nice for backhoe work - it makes too much of a mess!

A good chain and come-along with two willing axe-men was all we needed!

This guy couldn't get enough. He really put in a full day stacking limbs, taking in firewood for Mom, and pulling one nasty stump.

He was right back out there to take down his OWN tree with an axe.

He spent at least an hour on this one - we all were tired just watching.

...and he got it!

This is one stubborn kid - and sometimes it pays off.

Now he has some limbing to do. He is all lumber-jack!

A great day with alot of work done. Thanks to the crew!