Saturday, February 6, 2010

Making Eyes with Bigfoot

This project was to add alittle 'life' to a big carving of BigFoot.

We have some of the plastic eyes, and will be embedding an LED into them to light-up his eyes bright and beautiful.

Not green or blue, either. Bigfoot's eyes must be RED!

Simple enough to drill a whole for the LED into the back.

The only trick was to avoid the post that holds the eye in.

The eye lights pretty well with a little battery to power it.

Next step is to wire on more batteries and get an ultra-bright LED.

Or, use a brighter light...

Our suggestion was for LASERs... peering at all traffic and cutting through the densest fog!

Here is Bigfoot overlooking the Lewis & Clark Bridge.

If you travel between Portland, Longview, and Astoria, Oregon you've probably seen him!

Here he is in front of his home at the Chainsaw Carving Chateau!

Get a closer look at

And don't be suprised if you pass by one of these nights and see his eerie-red eyes watching YOU!