Saturday, February 6, 2010

One Last Try at Sturgeon

The last two trips out we struck-out for sturgeon... we hit the Willamette river, then the Columbia.

The last option was Multnomah Channel.

This time we took along the secret-sauces, too.

The weekend turned out BEAUTIFUL!

Nice, calm, peaceful. Mult-channel is a beautiful place when the weather is nice.

But how was the fishing?

The fishing started out slow.

We tried several spots, and only picked up a couple of shakers.

The lucky RED shirt did the trick soon, and we started hooking shakers. He said the shirt was for "heart attack awareness" and not for fishing, but it sure SMELLED like a lucky fishing shirt... just kidding. This guy always gets us into fish!

The bite started turning on, and most of the shakers were pretty good size.

It gets fun when you start measuring them because they are close to the lega size!

In between shakers we found plenty of diversion.

No one hit the pilings that we could tell, but then again, we could hardly see the pilings...

Uh oh... another bite - Put that pea-shooter down!

Finally, just as the bait was running low Al pulled off a 'hat-trick' and landed this nice keeper.

It was good to get blood in the boat!

Way to go, Al!

It was a great day on the water.