Monday, February 15, 2010

Another Sunny Day at Seaside, OR

Another church assignment took us out to Seaside, OR again. We were out here back in December, and excited to go back to the coast.

It was beautiful! Very rainy all day inland, but out at the beach it was WARM and sunny!

The team was excited.

The waves were big, and the tide was in.

Very pretty light out, with bright blue sky mottled by haze, fog, and cloud.

We had to get alittle wet...

Next stop after the beach in Seaside was the Astoria Column.

There were alot of big ships parked off to the side of the Columbia...

Both of the kids had been to the top before, and this time only the girl made it up to the top. The boy knew how freaky it was and waited below...

Not too many people out again this day - it was nice and quiet.

Finally, on the way home we decided to stop at a hatchery. Usually it is the Gnat Creek hatchery, but this time we went up to the Big Creek Hatchery.

It was very nice out, and beautiful tucked up in the hills.

Alot of little fish, too!

No big fish to see at this hatchery - that was a bummer.

No other action at the barrier dam, either.

It was pretty and nice to see a new place, though.

There was a small herd of elk along Hwy-30. We'd seen them on the way out and they were still there later in the afternoon.
They seem pretty resident here near Bear Creek.
There were 2 spikes, and this branched bull. It is always a good day when we see elk!

The kids were worn out and much quieter for the drive home.

It is fun having the kids along for the ride, and making small adventures to see and do things in this beautiful part of the world.