Monday, February 15, 2010

Making a Rainy Day Fun

Sometimes the weather gets to be too much in the Pacific NorthWest. The rain isn't bad, but after some nice, sunny, BRIGHT days, the dark gloom is discouraging.

Those are the days to GET OUT!

We took the little ones to the waterfront in St Helens - they have a nice area and quaint old-town square. You can see some hopefuls out trolling the mouth of the Multnomah Channel for Spring Salmon...

The public docks were empty. This summer they will be packed with yachts.
It is a beautiful area - even in the drab.

Kids don't need no stinkin' umbrella!
Just an open stretch to run in. And an adult close-by!

The feed store downtown had some "feeder" goldfish so we picked up a bunch of them.
We had to get involved with fish somehow!

We let the goldfish aclimate to their new trough, and released them to grow BIG!
Years back we had a few get up to 3 inches long. The kids always have fun 'fishing' for them in the 'barrel'.

Rain wasn't enough to keep this die-hard indoors, either.
He had his own 'welcome' party for the new goldfish.
"welcome to MY world!"

When he couldn't get any wetter or colder, we ran inside for a hot tub and COCOA!
Hooray for Mom!
Rainy days can be fun days - if you don't mind getting wet.