Monday, December 5, 2011

Seed for Feed

Chicken Feed is one measure of inflation we use... and in the last 17 months it has gone from $10.32 per 40# bag up to $12.98.

So, we found a local farmer with wheat for sale, and loaded up for feeding the chickens.

The wheat is 'withered' and not good enough for bread, but good enough for old hens.

We got 1400 lbs at $0.08 per pound, which is more than 4x less expensive than the store-bought stuff.

The only problem is thats a lot of feed!

We bucket-bailed it into barrels we had available...

And the barrels filled up quickly!

Then we filled up the empty trash cans we had...

... and soon those were full!

One important way to fight inflation is to have storage capacity when you can find goods on sale at a decent price. Stocking up and storing.

The good news is that the chickens love the feed.

We fired up the old backhoe to lift the last 1/3 of the tote out of the truck, to load into the Garden House.

Just minutes after unloading the grain, the backhoe blew a hydrolic hose for the steering.

Much more feed than we expected, which is nice.

I think we'll end up buying a couple pigs to help with all the feed...

It is great having a robust farming community around in the Pacific NorthWest.