Monday, December 5, 2011

Kicked By The MULE

Ok, too many projects, and not enough "gettin' out."

Our oldest son just picked up his first hunting rifle, and we had a beautiful day on Saturday to get out and sight it in.

Shooting and reloading are very social activities, and in that spirit we invited a friend along.

He brought some fun items! You know its going to be fun shooting when it we have to work hard to make sure all the proper "paperwork" is along for the trip...

There are plenty of available areas to shoot at out in our neck of the woods.

We brought pumpkins along because they make great targets, they explode in a grandious, satisfying way; and we had lots of them when Mom took down all the fall decorations.

Even though the hunting rifle was not bore-sighted, it only took us about 30 rounds to walk the crosshairs up onto the pumpkin at 100 yards.

Quite a few adjustments were required to bring the bullet up, but fortunately no adjustments were needed for windage. That can always be a bit more tricky.

Third world meets First World... and they were really fun together!

The hardest part of the day was finding a stable platform for sighting the rifle in.

With the "work" taken care of, it was time to ride the MULE!

This bad boy was the icing on the cake...

A great day of shooting always is better with a wide variety of calibers.

30 cal really seemed big at first...

One after another... to clear out the brush in the way of the targets.

The bullet here is bigger than the bolt of the weapon!

Some fun competition at 100 yards.

It was tough to see when the handgun hit the target...

... but easy to see the deer rifle's results.

A great time to get out and enjoy the freezing cold. A warm barrel (or hot suppressor!) is a great way to take care of cold trigger-fingers.