Monday, December 5, 2011

Indoor Projects While its Cold Out

It is cold and dark out, and so this time of year we start messing with indoor projects we've put off all year.

I've been doing alot more with Android application programming, and hardware interfacing.

You can see the mess of wires tying these IOIO hardware boards to the tablet while upgrading firmware...

These are great little boards to use for data collection and interaction with an Android Tablet.

Being so little makes them more fun, but it also makes prototyping more difficult... so this little project will help.

It is nice when projects overlap with some of the things I have to do for work.

Breadboarding or wirewrapping are still my preferred prototyping tools to manage all the interface wires and make sure I get good connections.

A little modification to the board helps keep things neat and manageable. That is important when it comes time to spend DEBUGGING.

Breadboards are cheap enough to drill them for mounting the IOIO boards directly to them.

Looks much nicer, and easier to keep the wires straight, doesn't it?

I soldered double-row header pins to the IOIO board, and then pushed one row down into the breadboard.

Now I can wire directly to the IOIO's pins, or use a jumper (got lots of those) to tie the io pin into the breadboard.

Yeah, not alot to do with the Pacific NorthWest, but the resulting projects will probably end up scattered all across the land!