Monday, February 7, 2011

The Kids Can Shoot

We got a couple of new guns, and wanted to get out to try them out. The kids were excited to shoot, and we took along some friends that hadn't ever shot before.

We got a new .22 rifle - a Henry "US Survival" .22 that disassembles and stores in the plastic stock. It is waterproof and even floats!

A very cool rifle, and it shoots well - it was a big hit!

Everyone did well shooting the .22 pistols, too.

Lots of big smiles.

The boy's smiles got even bigger when we pulled out the new 9mm carbine. Cabela's had this on sale last month for only $200, and we couldn't resist.

This is a shooter! The weapon handles really easy - its heavy, but with little kick, it is just like shooting an Airsoft BB gun. The peep sites work well, and everyone was effective at hitting the target out to about 80 yds. The best part is that 9mm ammo is pretty cheap.

It made even the newest shooter feel like Rambo - like they could hit anything and were invincible!

One of the most important points in teaching kids gun safety is to help them be comfortable and in control of the weapon. The other part is to teach them respect for them. Watching targets fly and water bottles burst helps them "get it".

Lots of good, safe places to shoot in the mountains, too.