Monday, February 7, 2011

Easy Sealing for Mylar Bags

Years ago, we got a box of mylar bags very cheap. A friend at church has an old sealer, and the bags have worked well for rice when we've bought the big bags at Costco.

On Youtube, there are alot of videos showing how to seal the bags using a clothes iron, so we thought we'd give it a shot.

Pretty simple using a long metal clamp on the countertop.

With the iron at the highest NON-Steam setting, we simply ran a seal along the edge of the bag. We tested it with Mom's towel inside to see if it would be air-tight.
Even with a sloppy first seal, the bag seemed to hold air...

So... we dunked it in the trough.

No bubbles, that is good!
Brrr... cold water - that is bad!

We've got some bags of White Wheat that we'll soon seal up in the smaller mylar bags for longer storage.
Mylar bags are still cheap, as are the oxygen packets that keep the air out.

Now hopefully we'll have a rainy day soon to keep the kids indoors to help with the wheat...