Monday, February 7, 2011

Alot of Everything - Lets Get Outside!

So many little adventures around the place these dark days. Even in the rain and dreary cloudcover, there is much to do and enjoy in the Pacific NorthWest.

Our neighbor took the plunge, and bought some geese! They are very friendly - too friendly in fact for our 3-year old...

The geese seem to prefer our home to that of the neighbors, but at least they go home easily. fun!

The latest science project with the kids is figuring out how to create a remote-control for fireworks. That way we can launch them from the WA side of the river, where they allow fireworks, and where they are much better.

Here is the latest favorite option - a low-value resistor wrapped to a matchhead. Pass 12V and about 100W and the resistor heats, then lights, the matchhead. Too much current and the resistor breaks before it lights.

This week we caught our first squirrel in the live-trap by the chicken coop.

This time of year there is a big-momma squirrel that hangs out on our back porch, sneaking food. Now, she has at least 2 younger ones that haven't learned the proper places for handouts.

This one was pretty agitated. He never looked back when we openned up the trap... at least until he was back at the top of the tree - then he chewed us out!

The hens have been laying really well lately (thanks to the light on in the hen house 24/7) and it was time for an update to the straw.
The goat was sold a few weeks ago, so we didn't need the hay to feed it, and the chickens got it.
The goat? She is off at a friends house until the spring - we ran out of blackberries to keep her fed.

At the first break in the rain of Feb is when we start pruning the fruit trees. The grapes are already done... and we lit into the apple tree.
Having a tall ladder makes it much easier. Having a tall teenager is even better!

We also put up the old windmill frame at the far edge of the garden. This summer, we'll run electrical power to it, with lights and speakers so the kids can enjoy weeding the garden with music!
They don't seem to appreciate it yet, but they will...

It is great to get out of the house, and start gearing up for spring.