Monday, February 7, 2011

Enough With the Work and Projects - Time to Try Fishing Again

We've been cooped up too long. A friend got a "hot tip" that the fishing is "red hot" up the Columbia Gorge... and we had to go try it!

We drove forever! Finally, we spotted a boat launch at Mayer State Park (almost to Idaho!) and hit the water. The river looked great!

Only a few other boats out, too, so we had the launch to ourselves.

The water at the launch was shallow, though, so be careful!

We quickly got into fish! A few good shakers had us hopeful for the day.

The sunshine was also a welcome ray - even despite the cold wind.

Having a windshield on the boat is a big plus when the wind is running.

Having hot cocoa is even bigger - cocoa makes any day "the best day ever!"

The water was a cold 40.3*F, and so it seems the fish weren't moving around much. We moved the boat several times and would catch shakers, but after a while the fishing died off.

So... we pulled up and launched in Cascade Locks. It was a nice launch, but a little tight for the long truck-n-boat. A very nice place, though, and it was fun running the swift current in the old locks channel.

Alot of boats above Thunder Island in hog lines. We found our spot, and did everything right... except catch fish.

It seems that what few fish were caught were all keepers, so we were hopeful.

Finally, we moved, and lightning struck - we got a nice keeper in the boat.

Only one keeper, and alot of miles on the truck, but when the weather is so nice, the scenery beautiful, and the cocoa warm... what else could beat this?

This time of year we are always a "sucker" for a long road trip... any excuse to get out. Not alot to show for it, but it was a great time.