Thursday, March 5, 2009

NWPodcast #104 - Sturgeon Fizz Bombs

One of our favorite things to do is FISHING! There are alot of fishing opportunities in the NorthWest, as you've seen before here and will see in future podcasts. This episode we talk about a "secret" fishing lure - the fizzing fish bombs. This is the first time on the internet the topic is presented. And this ISN'T a commercial - we don't sell these and you can make them at home. There are alot of recipes on the web - for example

We take this interesting science project and apply it to Sturgeon Fishing. Yeah! Not too much fishing in the video, so we'll include this one of us catching an 8 foot Sturgeon last year.

We use 2 different recipes for 'gator fishing, and compare them in the video to action. We also do a basic pH and alkali test, all in the name of science.

We did this podcast for video - it was too tough to explain what we were doing for the audio-only. We considered doing this for the Roadkill Recycle (#102), but fortunately we kept that one audio only ;-) The video is on YouTube (5 minutes):

Part2 of the video (testing the pH) is here (4.5 minutes):

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