Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Free Software - Create Playlists for your MP3 files

Here's another application I wrote years ago, to let me create a 'playlist' of MP3 files on my computer. It is as simple as possible - simply open the directory your MP3 files are in, select each file in order, and push the button. The app creates an "asx" file that Windows MediaPlayer recognizes, and will play those files in-order.

There is also an option to create the playlist to work with ezSlideShow application that displays your digital photos (previous posting). Every year I make CDs for the family that simply put all the pictures and MP3 files from the previous year, and use ezSlideShow to "auto-play" the pictures on the CD when they put the CD into their computer. I have to keep it simple, and it is ;-) Hope you like it. As always, send me an email with what you like, what to fix, etc. I like the input!

PlaylistClient.exe is about 250kb in size for all versions of Windows.

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